I want to write a letter to someone In every state!!! It’s one my bucket list please help me out!! Please please please!!!

Letter anyone!! I would like to write you and get to know you

heymynameisriah asked:
Hello my name is riah, I'm awkward, i don't know you, and yeah.

Hello there I am rylee. It’s nice to meet you riah. How are you doing on this fine day?

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Sometimes I am bored in school and what better way to cure my boredom them write letters!! So that means send me your address I would love to write you when! It’s always fun to get letters in the mail!

The most amazing man passed away last night! I am truly going to miss him!! He was my best friend. Bad day cheer me up

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  • PURPLE: We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.
  • FUCHSIA: I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.
  • GREY: You leave me with jumbled words.
  • RED: I'm in love with you.
  • PINK: I have a crush on you.
  • TURQUOISE: You're hot.
  • CHARTREUSE: I sincerely wish you would notice me.
  • TEAL: We have quite a lot in common.
  • BLUE: You are my Tumblr crush.
  • ORANGE: I dislike your page.
  • GREEN: I find you cute.
  • BLACK: I would date you.
  • BROWN: I dislike you.
go on anonymous and tell me secrets



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Who’s still up text me!!